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Commodity Trade

blockchainbinary Trades and investments Ltd is a guaranteed introducing broker specializing the agricultural risk management and commodity investments which inherited this form of trade way back 15th century, when merchants from south and north Europe met in Geneva and other Swiss market towns to trade goods.
The 19th century saw the development of powerful family-owned trading business based in and around the country’s main industrial and commercial center.

Active Trade on imported raw materials such as cocoa, cotton and coffee by doing so helped establish Switzerland as a global center of trade in 20th century.
Commodity trade Is the transformation of goods in space, time and nature. The role of commodity broker is to match supply and demand and to do so in the most effective way.

Commodities are not readily available where the demand lies cocoa for example, used by Swiss chocolate manufacturers ,is grown only under the tropics, In Africa , South America and increasingly in south East-Asia.

The role of the commodity broker is to bring the supply of cocoa in Africa and the demand for it in Europe together .They do so by organizing the commodity supply chain between places of demand and managing the attendant risk.

In addition Commodity brokers plays a fundamental role in birding the different time horizons of growers/producers who often face seasonal factors and consumers who may want to consume products all year long.
Commodities; Grains ( Wheat,corn,Barley ,Rye,oats) Seeds(lupins,peas,Rapeseed) Oils(vegetable oil)

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