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To meet the ever changing needs of the market, this is what WE DO BEST…
fore-front.co Investment Ltd, it’s that simple, for almost 10 years we have provided the oil trading community with a trusted service which although being more sophisticated and larger in scale than ever before maintains professional and personal service from passionate, loyal and dedicated specialists.

From Fuel Oil to LPG, from Naphtha to EBOB swaps, from the US Gulf Coast to the Sea of Japan, from 1kt barge of raffinate to a 750,000 barrel cargo of MOPS92 spec we are there to meet the needs of the market.

Engaging the services of Investment Company can bring you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve planned prudently for your future. We are committed to providing you with superior wealth management services. We can offer advice and comprehensive solutions for all of your financial planning needs.

We are dedicated to placing your best interests first. Our entire investment philosophy and delivery of services to our clients begins with our core principle to operate in a conflict-free environment.



Our specialist team consisting of 15 Gasoline Swap Brokers transacts on behalf of majors, traders, banks and institutional funds.


fore-front.co investment Ltd operates a global fuel oil derivative broking service where growth has been consistent over the last 5 years. The team prides itself on delivering good numbers across all markets with a discrete, trustworthy service to a continually increasing client base.


The Crude Desk at fore-front.co provides broking services from the London office servicing clients who want to trade Brent/Dubai, Swaps to Futures (EFS), CFD’s and DFL’s


The physical desks have been serving the market since 2009 and cover 90+ counter-parties in diverse geographical locations and markets that are served from our offices in London, Singapore and the USA.
Our experienced and professional team deals with all aspects of physical gasoline and naphtha across all grades, sizes, geographies and trade types from inception, execution, operations to dispute resolution.
Customers should expect fore-front.co to add value to their business and our relationships are built on trust, efficient communication and a positive experience… we are highly dedicated to providing a great service.
From a 1000 tonne barge of Light Virgin Naphtha in Rotterdam to a 90,000 tonne cargo of Singapore Spec Gasoline we are able to work with customers across the whole of the market.


LPG brokerage covers pricing instruments in Asia, Europe and North America providing customers with market access from the fore-front.co investment Ltd/OTC network.
The Naphtha and LPG teams are a compliment to each other and we have the ability to generate liquidity from many directions.


The Naphtha derivatives desk was set up in 2009 and has already risen to be one of the leading brokers of Naphtha in the European market. With excellent relationships with major refineries, trading houses and banks, the naphtha team successfully covers all aspects of the naphtha market from Northwest European cracks, spreads to East/West and Asian MOPJ.
The highly skilled and dedicated team prides itself on delivering fast, accurate and a discrete service which is second to none. The teams experience and professionalism creates an environment beneficial to any client looking to gain a trustworthy platform to carryout extensive business.

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